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The Cambridge Innovation Hub and our methodology

Our company provides our clients actionable innovation by means of three tools:

  1. Our presence in the Cambridge MA Innovation Hub.
  2. Our innovative way to integrate Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) technologies or modules from a broad range of industries and disciplines outside our clients’ domain.
  3. Our excellent international professional network not only in Cambridge MA, but also with the industry and top Universities in the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

We complement the efforts of our clients at any stage of their product development and Technology Readiness Level (TRL). We deliver in weeks or months instead of years. We can also work on long term projects by addressing them in phases, so our clients can see tangible deliverables during the development. 


Innovation Hubs Link

Innovation hubs (IH) are where the USA—the largest and most innovative economy—has generated its most relevant innovation since the end of World War II; currently its top three innovation hubs are Cambridge-MA, Silicon Valley-CA, and Austin-Tx. The value of the companies that the MIT, which is in Cambridge-MA, has sparked is equivalent to the eight largest economies in the world—Harvard University is also in Cambridge MA. Google—started by Stanford alumni—and Apple are just two of the main companies Silicon Valley have close to 1.6 US trillion in Market Capitalization. Dell, Samsung, and others play analogous roles in Austin-Texas. In Cambridge-MA, the top three companies in each of the top ten worldwide industries have their R&D centers. For example, Pfizer, Novartis, and Johnson & Johnson, top players in the pharmaceutical and biomedical industry, have major R&D within 1 and 5 blocks radius from MIT. Schlumberger, which is the largest oil field services company, opened in 2004 its largest research center one block from MIT; soon after Shell and Saudi Aramco also opened their R&D centers in Kendal Sq. examples of other companies attracted to these IHs are many. The team at Cambridge Research and Technology L.L.C. has extensive experience implementing projects in the Innovation Hubs that have generated Actionable Innovation.

Innovative way to integrate solutions from other industries and disciplines

Our experience from working with a broad range of industries allows us to be familiar with Commercial of The Shelf (COTS) components and technologies that we can integrate into practical solutions for our clients in shorter times and more efficiently than other more typical options.

Most experts inside each industry have excellent knowledge that has helped them to produce solutions to their industries’ challenges that have worked well for them for many years, and that is good; however, that usually generates solutions that have mostly incremental improvements. 

However, when our clients are looking for unique Actionable Innovation that some people call out of the box or disruptive solutions, our team complements their efforts well because our Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) perspective comes from three points: 1) we see solutions with the eyes of experts from other industries; 2) we are good are at integrating those Out-Of-The-Box solutions into what they need quicker than most; and 3) our solutions can cover the whole spectrum of Technology Readiness Level (TRL), from 1 to 8.

Our vast professional network not only in Cambridge-MA, but also with the industry and top Universities in the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore

We have an excellent network not only in Cambridge MA, but also with top professionals in the industry and with top professors and researchers in top Universities in the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. This grants us the opportunity to always be able to reach out to the expertise necessary to address most challenging projects dealing with science and engineering.

To address a variety of complex problems such as surveillance, intervention, and permanent monitoring in the Oil & Gas (O&G) Industry. This link shows some examples:

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