Research and Development

Business Development


Cambridge Research and Technology L.L.C is a team of world-class consultants with about 150 years of accumulated experience in about 20 technical domains, 10 industries, and 4 continents. We give advice to companies in three areas: 1) Research and Development; 2) Business Development; and 3) Strategy. We give our clients the know-how and IP we generate in the projects we run for them.


We complement the efforts of our clients at any stage of their product development and Technology Readiness Level (TRL). Our research focuses on finding Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) technologies or modules that we integrate for our clients, so they do not have to wait several years to solve their R&D and business challenges. We deliver in a few weeks instead of months or years.


With almost 5,500 professionals and 150 multinational companies in our professional network, we help companies to map their enabling technologies into new businesses.


We advise our clients to define their strategies, and we focus on the alignment of their R&D, technologies, and business plans. We also help our clients to identify and define the most critical problem they should focus on.

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