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Price for professionals: $100  Price for students: $80


Price for professionals and students: $150 if you enter the 4 digits code you saw in the ad.


  1. Consulting:

How to create and maintain an Engineering and Science Consulting Company at a national and international level.

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  1. Houses thermal analysis and design:

Thermal behavior of houses: How to design, analyze, achieve appropriate internal temperatures, use energy efficiently, and save on costs.

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3. The World of Engineering: Information for Your High School children about Career Possibilities.

This is a presentation about the potential paths of a career in engineering that could equip your high school children with valuable information as they explore their future college studies.

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Cursos pre grabados:

Precio para profesionales: $100.   Precio para estudiantes: $80

Cursos en vivo:

Profesionales y estudiantes: $150 si ingresa el código de 4 dígitos que vio en el anuncio.


  1. Crear consultoría:

Cómo crear y mantener una consultoría en ciencia e ingeniería a nivel internacional y nacional.

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  1. Análisis térmico de casas:

Comportamiento térmico de casas y edificios: Cómo diseñar, analizar, alcanzar temperaturas apropiadas, usar energía eficientemente, y ahorrar en costos.

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