Cambridge Research and Technology L.L.C (CRATIV1) is a full-service consulting firm for Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) communications satellite. We serve the space and ground elements of the satellite communication system. We support the design, development, manufacturing, integration and testing of the spacecraft. We would assist you in your design reviews and test methods and resulting data analysis to verify the build. We also specialize in developing system level and component level environmental requirements. We would provide services for on-site monitoring and ensure that the manufacturing and testing meets the full intent of the system specifications. We will work with your launch vehicle contractor to have a seamless integration of the payload into the fairing of the launch vehicle. We would support the review of the Coupled Loads Analysis data and subsequent verification through mechanical testing – static, sine, acoustic and shock. We are experts in FMEA and would help in test anomaly or in-orbit anomaly diagnosis. We would ensure that your precious spacecraft would be built and delivered to the specifications and would produce the performance expected. 

At CRATIV1, we offer experience and expertise to satisfy our customers’ critical needs in systems engineering and integration, mission operations, program management and strategic planning. Our highly trained resources work on producing optimal solutions to the full satisfaction of our customers using our companywide knowledge base. We believe in bold and innovative solutions, collaborate with industry experts from across the globe and strive for best results. Our team of experts, tackle the problem decisively, provide critical insights and deliver outcomes to the full satisfaction of our customers. 

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