Condensed presentation about consulting


This presentation is for graduating students and graduates with only 1-3 years of experience.

The lessons we will share can help you managing today’s challenging work environment and help you create new opportunities. The registration for this presentation is 30 USD.
Enter this code 1331 to register.

Dates available and how to register

Themes and content:

The introduction (35 minutes) includes these topics:

• Defining your strongest professional characteristics (your strengths)

• Defining markets for your strengths

• Using your professional network

• Things you should and should not do

Details (35 minutes) includes these topics:

• Articulating your offers

• Business plans

• Achieve contracts


They will be addressed during the presentation, which will total 1.5 hr.

When registering, please write this code: 1331; you will be asked where you are studying or have graduated from.

The presenter

Julio C. Guerrero


Cambridge Research and Technology L.L.C.

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