Biomedical Devices

Cambridge Research and Technology ( is a full-service consulting firm for companies that design and sell biomedical devices (BioMedDev).  We complement the efforts of our clients at any stage of their product development.  Our R&D team focuses on finding Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) technologies or modules that we integrate for our clients, so they do not have to wait several years to solve their R&D and business challenges. Among others, in the BioMedDev industry, Crativ1 offers these services to its clients:

  • Perform and provide studies of state-of-the-art technologies to support the conceptual or feasibility phases
  • Design new biomedical devices.  In this domain, some of the enabling technologies we bring include:
    • Additive manufacturing (2D Printing) with a variety of metals and composites used in the industry
  • Improve the design of existing ones
  • Design qualification tests
  • Develop a strategy to improve logistics and manufacturing; CRATIV1 integrates these technologies
    • AI
    • IoT
    • Algorithms
    • Apps
    • Tracking technology
  • The root cause analysis and information about solutions related to
    • Corrosion
    • Marking
  • Robotics
    • Teleoperation
    • Robotic and automation for manufacturing
  • Pattern recognition

We support the design, development, manufacturing, integration and testing of the BioMedDev industry. We would assist you in your design reviews and test methods and resulting data analysis to verify the build. We also specialize in developing system level and component level environmental requirements. We would provide services for on-site monitoring and ensure that the manufacturing and testing meets the full intent of the system specifications. We will work with your contractors to have a seamless integration of your new products. 

At CRATIV1, we offer experience and expertise to satisfy our customers’ critical needs in systems engineering and integration, program management and strategic planning. Our highly trained resources work on producing optimal solutions to the full satisfaction of our customers using our companywide knowledge base. We believe in bold and innovative solutions, collaborate with industry experts from across the globe and strive for best results. Our team of experts, tackle the problem decisively, provide critical insights and deliver outcomes to the full satisfaction of our customers. 

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