Post processing software

This is the first version of the post processing software. In its first embodiment it can be run remotely from any computer. The next versions would include more features.

Please, consider to:

1.- Watch this video, the link:  which shows the first version of the software that allows plotting the data we collect from the tracker boxes.

2.- Install the code in your own computer, so you can see by yourself how easily you guys will be able to use it.

To run it, you will have to place all the files from this folder we have ut in at Google Drive  in your computer, once you finish doing it, you would just click on the index.html

Inside the folder and you will be able to run it as the video shows.

When running the code, and asked what file you want to use, choose the Excel file I am also sharing in the same folder —  datalog20230222-124953-4.xlsx—this file contains actual data from the trackers. I will work with Ryan to get more data later. The video shows you how to choose the date file too.

After you do this, I would like to converse with you via Zoom for 5-10 minutes this Friday afternoon.

For the time being, the website will be local in your computer (1) and you can run the code in your computer and load the excel files that the trackers generate from the field jobs.

Some of the points we could adjust in the next versions include:

The time format, and the places where we need the white dotted lines, so you can know the time invested in placing the new gun arrays at position-zero. 

I would recommend to keep the time format we are using and just place the day of the job in the top right corner of the screen, we can talk about when we meet. 

Besides, the code allows one to zoom as much as one want into the plot to see specific details. I will explain it when we have the Zoom meeting

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