Energy: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics, Systems and Components

Cambridge Research and Technology has expertise in all areas of Energy: Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics, Systems and Components.  This expertise is used to assist clients in the development, assessment of the impact, and the implementation of new energy components and systems in the industrial and commercial sectors.  In the development of new systems and components, the manner in which we assist our clients is to first determine the energy technology market and assessing where new and innovative energy solutions could be developed or improved to lower operating cost, improve reliability and productivity, lower greenhouse gas systems and overall be more sustainable.  

Examples of some of the services that have been performed by the energy team for its clients include:

  • Energy and process assessments to lower energy use, improving process reliability and including productivity
  • Evaluation of the implementation of combined heat and power systems using a diverse portfolio of energy production techniques.  This work has also included energy procurement and grid interconnect issues if applicable
  • Assessment of building energy systems and control systems and suggest solutions to reduce energy use, improve occupant comfort and indoor air quality leading to improved environmental conditions and higher productivity
  • Modeling assisting in the development of new energy technologies and systems and onsite performance evaluation and testing of these systems and components
  • Working with the client’s manufacturing team to realize, in a timing fashion, the design and efficient manufacturing of newly developed concepts
  • Provide training allowing clients and their workforce to become energy experts that can work collaboratively with the CRATIV1 energy team

At CRATIV1, the energy domain practice offers close and thoughtful interaction with its clients forming a synergistic team leading to the successful engineering, evaluation and market strategy for introduction of new energy systems and components ensuring success.  We are proud of our approach, which is, in collaboration with our clients, to development and implement translational energy solutions putting our client at the “leading edge” of their industry, or professional practice.  Also, we embrace working with others in the client’s energy network to maintain the client’s technical leadership and improving their market position. 

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