Drones are a commodity, but drones with sensors and data analytics are not

Cambridge Research and Technology (www.crativ1.com) thinks there is additional opportunity for major O&G and E&P companies to increase efficiencies and lower costs with the use of sensors, data anylitics, and AI in autonomous systems (drones). Drones are being used in a number of industries. These are technology solutions that can meaningfully impact safety in the operations of the rig and its surroundings. The figure below illustrates the concept. As in the case of wearable technologies, the use of sensors and drones for the O&G industry is not simply a matter of buying “off the shelf” technology.  Crativ1 works with a partnering company in Boston that is specialized in instrumenting COTS drones with the most convenient sensors tailored to our clients’ needs; as a team, we develop the data analytics that complements the data collected by our drones.

Drone with sensors, GN&C, and data analytics next to land rigs

The application of these technologies requires a careful evaluation of the rig operations combined with insights gained from experts like the ones in our team who understand the application of these technologies in diverse industries. They have expertise derived from studying, for example, technologies central to autonomous automobiles. This expertise enables us to understand how current COTS technologies, combined with technologies not yet in commercial use, can be integrated to render pragmatic concepts and solutions. Our multidisciplinary and multi-industry team gives us a unique and incomparable advantage to generate fieldable solutions. 

Drone with sensors, GN&C, and data analytics next to offshore rigs

The potential impact of having our team running a project for you

The deliverables of a project with us will provide opportunities to go beyond incremental and gradual improvement of the operations. They can revolutionize the industry’s actionable data analytics business. Actionable data analytics is relying more on drones that do not only carry sensors but do part of the data management before they send it to data hubs.  Developing a custom drone surveillance system will create significant potential especially for new business applications for these systems as well as new applications for the proprietary technology associated with it. The surveillance of electricity generation with wind turbines is another example. 

Drone with sensors, GN&C, and data analytics next to wind mills

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