Cambridge Research and Technology has expertise in several areas of the Energy Industry: Oil & Gas (O&G), Nuclear, Renewables, and Energy management. 


In the O&G industry we provide solutions for upstream and downstream. In downstream we provide our expertise in subsea, sea surface, underground, and land; this diagram shows some of those areas.

O&G domains supported by CRATIV1


We serve the nuclear industry needs with the use of robotics, AI, IoT, sensing, and data analytics to support maintenance monitoring, failure prediction and reliability.

Robotics assitance of monitoring, maintenace, failure predictions and relaibity


We support wind and solar energy transformation.

Energy management:

We have experience in different areas of energy management, here some examples:

  • Grid management for utilit companies that have to handle energy from different sources
  • Energy management and storage next to oil rigs
Energy grid management
Energy management by the rig

At Cambridge Research and Technology, our energy domain practice offers close and thoughtful interaction with its clients forming a synergistic team leading to the successful engineering, evaluation and market strategy for introduction of new energy systems and components ensuring success.  We are proud of our approach, which is, in collaboration with our clients, to development and implement translational energy solutions putting our client at the “leading edge” of their industry, or professional practice.  Also, we embrace working with others in the client’s energy network to maintain the client’s technical leadership and improving their market position. 

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