Tancredi Botto Ph.D.

Sensors and Physics

Dr. Botto is a senior applied physicist and R&D expert. He creates value by translating advanced sensing and measurement needs into practical engineering solutions, leveraging a strong record of creative solutions and a passionate entrepreneurial spirit. Dr. Botto’s background includes extensive work in fundamental nuclear science research at various particle accelerator facilities worldwide. He was then a Principal Research Scientist at Schlumberger Research for 13 years where led the development of intrinsically safe nuclear “source-less” technologies and contributed significantly across diverse technical disciplines such as nuclear, microwaves, MEMS, photonics and power electronics.  Dr. Botto has helped many organizations by growing their physics & laboratory skills, and by facilitating the introduction of new technologies and pursuit of new business opportunities. Since 2006 he is an active participant in the Boston vibrant tech scene where he started and led a number of collaborations with leading universities, startups and networking groups. He regularly consults with international companies across a range of industries, including clean energy, mining and medical devices. He speaks English, Italian and Dutch. In his free time, he enjoys food and travel mountains around the world, competitive powerlifting and the occasional hosting of string and chamber music ensembles.

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