Thermal behavior of houses

How to design, analyze, achieve appropriate internal temperatures, use energy efficiently, and save on costs.

Two-sessions course on October 6th and 7th at 8AM Boston USA (1PM London, 4 PM Dubai, 8 PM Singapore and Beijing, 7AM Lima)   

The course is made up of two conferences that will last 1h 30 minutes each, during which there will be about 20 minutes for questions and answers. Interested parties can also register to take an exam in addition a few days after the two lectures, and those who score at least 90 out of 100 on the test will receive a letter stating that they attended both lectures and successfully took the test. All people who register and attend both sessions will receive a private link to the videos of both sessions.

Register at:

Those who enter this code 1597 can have a discount and pay only $150 to participate in both sessions. Those who attend both sessions will subsequently receive an email inviting them to take the test described above; to take the exam you have to pay $50 more, but only those who get 90 out of 100 will receive the letter indicating that they attended both sessions and took the exam successfully.


Teach the house and the environment parameters necessary to design and predict the house thermal behavior; in that sense, by taking this course the student will be able to.

  • Describe the thermal behavior in terms of these parameters.
  • Apply this knowledge to compute thermal behavior.
  • Analyze a complete house.
  • Synthesize what has been learned in order to formulate the model of any new house.
  • Evaluate and explain the thermal behavior of any house

Julio C. Guerrero Ph.D. Brief

Dr. Guerrero assists and guides corporations globally with their technology development needs. Dr. Guerrero is the CEO and founder of Cambridge Research and Technology L.L.C. , a leading science and engineering consulting firm offering R&D, business development (BD), and strategy services to corporations, governments, individuals, and law firms.  He has also been serving in the University Grants Committee in Hong Kong, which is a multinational group or world experts responsible for evaluating and making recommendations about funding the Hong Kong top research and innovation proposals. 

Dr. Guerrero has worked in research and development (R&D) and business development for several years in diverse companies such as Draper Laboratory in Cambridge, MA; Schlumberger Research (SLB) in Houston, TX and Cambridge, MA; and FIAT-IVECO in Torino Italy. Dr. Guerrero’s technical expertise includes analyzing, designing, and developing mechanical systems, including those for harsh and extreme conditions. He has extensive experience with the energy and oil and gas industries and is an owner of over 25 mechanical system patents worldwide. Dr. Guerrero earned his master’s and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Texas at Austin and was awarded the Honorary Doctoral degree from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería in Lima-Peru in 2015. In 2014, he became a member of the Pan-American Academy of Engineering (32 countries). He was the 2015-2016 President of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), an organization of almost 140,000 engineers in 150 countries.

He is fluent in several languages and loves skiing and swimming, history, economics, and Renaissance Italian art.

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